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Captain Shark's Club Car Service Center

Welcome to Captain Shark’s Club Car Service Center.

We are a one-stop service center for all you golf cart necessities.  We stock a large inventory of New Club Car Golf Carts as well as sell used Club Car Golf Carts that can be customized to your requirements.  We also repair and maintain your golf cart as needed and carry a full line of Club Car Golf Cart Parts and Accessories to restore or customize your Club Car Golf Cart to work and look like new.

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Services such as welding, part replacements and tuneups are all done in our Club Car Golf Cart Service Center.

As the Club Car Golf Cart Distributor for Belize, we carry a full line of parts for Club Car Golf Carts and have the up-to-date knowledge, training and excellent service for all your golf cart needs.

Furthermore, to keep our customers happy, we have a golf cart that we lend to customers who have their golf carts in warranty maintenance. We provide our customers with a golf cart so that they can still manage to do their chores while their golf cart is in service.

Our Club Car Golf Cart Service Center is conveniently located behind our Marine Shop in Lion Street. For more information, please call us at Tel: 226-4812.

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We have several Club Car models to choose from. Whether you are looking for a Personal Transportation Vehicle or a golf cart for business use, we can accommodate you none the less. We also can customize your golf cart to your specific needs.

Sell Golf Cart

Sell A Golf Cart

If you are interested in selling your golf cart, please, let us know! We can help in easing the process by putting your golf cart in our online inventory. Send us an email, call us or visit us at our office opposite Maya Island Air, next to the airstrip.

Contact Info For Golf Carts:

Please use this information if you are interested in buying or selling a Club Car Golf Cart.


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