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Our Featured Newest Boat

The Latest Build From Our Boatyard; A 28 Foot Wahoo Customised Boat.

IMG 9656

To view more information on the Wahoo Style Boat please Click Here

New Boats

Below are the Boat Models that we build at Captain Sharks Boatyard.

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Purchase A New Boat?

We have several Boat models to choose from. Whether you need a boat for reef fishing, flat fishing or for diving, we are sure that we can accommodate your needs. Even if you need specific customizations.

Sell Golf Cart

Sell A Boat?

If you are interested in selling your boat, please, let us know! We can help in easing the process by putting your boat in our online inventory. Send us an email, call us or visit us at our office in DFC Subdivision.

Contact Info For Captain Sharks Boatyard:

Please use this information if you are interested in buying or selling a Boat.


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